One of the best methods of changing the appearance of your home without doing any renovations and remodeling and at the same time not having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars is changing your interior and/or exterior paint.  

Adding or replacing a new color on your walls – no matter where it is; living room, bathroom, persona room, or kitchen, will make a greater change that you want. Also, it is relatively cheaper and commitment-free you can do to your house. And because any paint is almost permanent, it is also the best way to incorporate designs that are trendy for this year.  

If you are ready to make this commitment, worry no more as we will provide you the top paint colors in 2020. To experience the maximum beauty of these paint, make sure you use only the high-quality paint and hire painters Reno NVa company that offers professional service dedicated to providing their customers the only excellent quality of service. 

The following are the best paint colors in 2020 according to experts: 


White will never be out of the trend and this was proven when it is still the color that most experts recommend. Most people will think that white is boring and that it makes the whole house dull and unappealing.  

However, experts do not share the same sentiments. According to them, the color white, even when not provide with different textures and patterns, still look modern, classic, and trendy color, making it one of the most versatile colors you can have on your interior wall.  


This color was first known in the previous year when Sherwin Williams was inspired to use and name this color Cavern Clay terracotta. This color provides a warm color inspired by earthenware and clay that suits for this year.  

3.Hunter Green 

According to some experts, this masculine color together with a saddle brown and navy blue will have their moment in this year’s interior design. They are considered to be handsome at the same time timeless chick by some interior designers.  


These colors including off-black, peacock blue, charcoal, and other peacock-like colors will also be popular this year. They all resemble jewel colors and they are ideal in providing those handsome hues that at the same time offer invigorating effects to everyone seeing them. 


In laymen’s terms, blush will never be thought of as a color and a hue. In 2016, the term “millennial pink” was created and since then the color has been a popular phenomenon in the interior design industry. Now, the term millennial pink is commonly known as the “Blush”. According to some experts, blush will still be popular this year as it has the ability to be mixed with warmer jewel tones while at the same time giving that “chic” aura of design.  

Final Thoughts 

All of these colors are recommended by the experts we interviewed prior to writing this article. If you are thinking and planning on making some changes to your interior design at a cheaper cost, you may opt for repainting with these colors and skip the furniture and appliance upgrade and replacement.