In this year’s summer, everything is getting hotter and hotter. This time, it is not just the global warming that heats our summer, but also the ever-increasing crises that we experience today, from natural phenomena to viral infection. Also, to worsen the news, everyone is forced to stay indoors and stop activities outside the house. While some people find it comforting, other people find it restrictive and depressing. 

There are several ways to still enjoy the summer amid the crises we are facing today. One of which is to enjoy outdoor activities with family submerging in cold pool water while having some fun games and foods.   

If you have a pool in your backyard, this article is for you. We will share with you some of the fun activities as well as game and party ideas you can enjoy in your pool, relieving you from the heat of the summer and the stress that the global pandemic brings.  

Before you begin your activities with family and friends, it is important to note the health as well as the durability of the pool and of course, its functionality. Make sure it is safe and has a pool fence, and that it is clean and disinfected. Now, if you already have done the things we prescribed above, you may now proceed on doing something: 

1.Musical water balloon toss 

This is the pool and wet version of passing on the parcel that we usually enjoy outside the pool. This game has a simple concept that everyone can follow, but do not underestimate this game as it becomes hilariously tough to grab the parcel and pass it to someone when your body is fully submerged with water.  

2.Invisible transparent water filed bottle hunt 

Fill a water bottle with water and put it in the pool. The crystal-clear pool water makes the water bottle vanish in sight. This game becomes more difficult when you have opponents who are also tasked to find the water bottle.  

3.Greased watermelon relay 

Relay races can be quite difficult. However, this becomes a hundred times fold tougher when you pass on a watermelon size ball with grease on it. holding on to it becomes frustrating when you are also holding and balancing your weight underwater.  

4.Pool race 

There is nothing simpler than having a pool race. This is a great game for those who are already pros in swimming. Put some prize for the one who will finish the line on the other end of the pool.  

5.Pool volleyball game 

The volleyball game is one of the common games ever played both on the sand, ground, or in the water. The game requires a net to divide the two teams. Playing this game becomes more fun and difficult because of the restrictive properties of water that hold your body down.  

6.Water polo 

Waterpolo does not necessitate you to have some fancy horse. All you need is your dog in the house and you are good to go. Your dog will help you win by grabbing and bringing the ball back to you.