Never-ending Battle Between Instagram & Instagram Hackers

The activities of social media accounts have become commonplace as news of Facebook and Instagram account hackings appearing frequently on news networks. Instagram hacking is more common because this popular social media network platform has accounts of prominent personalities who use their Instagram account for publicity and image building. There are large number of followers on these accounts that depict the popularity of some personality. In fact, follower number is the yardstick to measure popularity. If your social media account has been hacked, you shouldn’t worry because you are not alone as great personalities face this problem.

Why hacking is on the rise

Hacking was not in the past as in the present because there were not tools to hack any account. The hackers were usually tech savvy people that used codes and softwares to hack accounts and this was not so easy. The scenario has changed today because there are apps and hacking tools that make easy for hackers to hack any account without much efforts.

Instagram hack

Some tools like Instaport Instagram hacker tool are so easy to use that even a child can learn hacking and hack any account using the hack tool. This is one of the reasons that can be attributed to rising incidents of hacking in the present.

Instagram measures to stop hacking incidents

Instagram recently issue a statement in which the company issued assurance to Instagram community that there are strong efforts on the part of Instagram to offer safe and secure experience of use of this social interaction platform. The measures from Instagram involve to initiate shut off access to the affected accounts on becoming aware that some account has been hacked. The steps like resetting of passwords and other remedial measures are taken, but hacking is unstoppable. Every time new apps and tools are made available that fails to put curb on rising incidents of Instagram hacking. It is a battle between Instagram makers and hacking tool makers that will never come to an end.

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