Hacking Instagram Account Passwords is Easier than Ever Now!

Instagram hack

After Facebook, Instagram is the most favourite social media application of today’s generation. Consequently, their smart brains have come up with numerous ways for Instagram hack where getting into the account of others is like a regular task.

Even though Facebook is making improvisations and updating its system to stop the hackers at its gate, Instagram is more likely a place for all. The two ways via which this app of social media can be hacked are:

  • Forgot the password’ tactic
  • Phishing method

“Forgot password” – The easiest way of hacking an Insta account

For this, if you’re the hacker, all you need is to have access to the person’s phone and/or Facebook Id.

Step 1: Open that Instagram icon from your phone and tap the ‘Add account’ option. You can find that on the top corner, left to your profile.

Step 2: The next step for the Instagram hack is selecting the option where it asks whether the user has forgotten his/her login details and needed help to sign in again. Below the fields of password and username, you will get that text in small fonts.

Instagram hack

Step 3: Here, you’ll be presented with three options –

  • If you have access to the person’s email whose account you are trying to hack, then it’s great! Only resetting the password will allow you to use that account.
  • Having access to his/her phone can also help as the second option that shows ‘send an SMS’. With the OTP, you can reset the account details and use it for your benefit.
  • Logging with the credentials of Facebook account and setting a new password will also enable you to use that account.

Phishing method

Phishing is a process of creating fake pages that look almost exact to the website or app you are trying to hack into. Numerous hosting sites (both free and paid) are there who can help you create this Phishing page for the Instagram hack.

After creating the phishing page that looks like an Instagram login page, send it to your victim, and wait for him/her to put in their login details. The moment that person signs in via that phished page, you’ll get all those necessary credentials you need. Using these, you can now access that profile.

However, it can be sometimes difficult tricking a person to click that link and give in their details. Therefore, bring your manipulative skills to play and see how it can work towards Instagram hack.

These two are the most common weapons on social media to crack into personal accounts for some fun!

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