Combine Adorability and Stylewith a Chiffon Hijab for Your Kid!

Chiffon Hijab

A modern and fashionable woman is conscious about her look. Fashion has changed the scenario of the styling pattern and it has not made an exception while styling a hijab. There are a variety of styles that one can do using a hijab which will be perfect for women as well as young girls.

Chiffon Hijab

Today, styling hijab in different ways has become a major trend among kids too which makes them adorable and truly chic. Here’s a guide on how to drape a chiffon hijab for your little princess.

#1: Al Amira Hijab

Al Amirastyle is very popular among kids because it doesn’t involve the use of pins that can make them feel uncomfortable. To get this look:

  1. Place the scarf over your kid’s scalp and flatten it over her temple.
  2. Now, bring it to the back of her head and tie it in a knot. Make sure it is not loose.
  3. Next, wrap it around all over the neck area and hang the remaining fabric around her neck.

Note: These are also available in two pieces that make it easier to wear.

#2: Kids Turban Hijab

It is a new and contemporary way of wearing a hijab, trending mostly among kids. To get this turban style,

Chiffon Hijab

  • Fold the chiffon hijab in half-length ways and place it at the back of her head.
  • Now, bring the scarf to the front and tie a knot in her forehead.
  • After that, take the loose tassels backwards by twisting it around her head till you run out of the cloth.
  • Then, pull it backwards to cover her scalp and make the necessary adjustments.

Your little girl is ready to rock the world!

#3: Girl wrap shawl hijab

Now, this is an elegant style that is both comfortable and easy to wear. To drape this, you just need to tie it at the back without wrapping and you’re done!

#4: Abaya Hijab

The simplicity of this hijab makes your little girl look more sophisticated and religious. It’s a dress long enough with two side pockets. Tie achiffon hijab around her head in normal fashion that goes well with the dress.

#5: Khimar Hijab

If you want your kid to cover her face, this style is apt. To get this look, tie the hijab in normal fashion. Just make sure that you bring an additional portion of the hijab in front and cover her face.

However, there are various other trendy kids’ hijabs that make a great fashion statement besides making it a modest outfit for the young ladies.

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