4 Factors to Consider While Renting a Self Storage Unit

Self Storage

You may have been considering renting a self storage unit for some reason. Before you go ahead and rent one of these units, there are a few factors you have to consider.

  1. Rent

Since you’ll be renting the unit, payment of a certain sum of money on a periodic basis is required. Make sure the rent is feasible enough as per your budget, even in the long run. You can ask the company you are renting from about their rates. Also, get to know how frequently they increase their rates. Ensure to consider that as well before coming to a decision.

If the rent sounds reasonable enough, get the numbers written down. You should also get to to know when exactly the rent due is and payment options available. Once you know all that, it’ll be easier to prepare for paying the rent beforehand. Make sure the schedule works the best for you.

  1. Accessibility

One of the biggest factors while renting self storage is how often you would be accessing the facility. Knowing that will help you in determining the size of the storage unit you should rent. If you think you would frequently access the unit, rent a size larger than what’s recommended.

Self Storage

Whenever you access the unit, you’ll need some additional space for moving things around. That is why renting one size larger is advisable if you frequently access your unit. However, if you have good arrangement skills and know how to pack things safely, you can opt for smaller size. One good tip is to place things you will access more often towards the front of the unit.

  1. Moving truck

Sometimes, for moving your belongings to and from the storage, you may need a moving truck. This is particularly the case with larger items. You can ask the company you are renting from whether they offer trucks on rental as well. If they don’t, you can also ask them for recommendations. In fact, on renting a moving truck and storage unit from the same company, you might get some discounts. Make sure to enquire about that as well.

  1. Insurance

Always insure the items you’re planning to store, particularly if the items are valuable. See if your items are well covered by renter’s or home owner’s insurance policy. Most self storage companies offer insurance policies. The insurance is often the part of the rental agreement.

With all these factors, it’ll be easier to rent self storages now.


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